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Best Indoor Activities during Rainy Day in Bali

Best Indoor Activities during Rainy Day in Bali

In February, Bali has started to deal with a long rainy season. Some people who had planned their holiday might be forced to cancel the plan because of the bad weather.

Well, there are surely an indoor theme park that mandatory to visit especially during raining day. This theme park have full packaged activities from embark the nature, learn cultures, paragliding, rafting, racing, going on extreme rides, even watching spectacular shows, everything in one place!

Here are 3 recommended activities that you can do at the park:

  1. Explore Bali in Digital Way

Rain can't be an excuse anymore because you can still explore Bali from inside the building. In Bali Senses area, embark the nature attractions through sitting on the Bali Swing with Nusa Penida beach and Ubud rice field landscape view. Deep rooted with traditional culture with digital interactive, try touch Barong and Rangda - the spiritual creature of Bali, also the flowers and magestic birds on the wall to feel all the magical.

  1. Experience 16 World-Class Rides

The main courses of visiting Trans Studio Bali is of course to experience all 16 word-class. The rides, from mild to thrill level are spread around Camera Zone, Culture Zone, Adventure Zone and Action Zone. Each ride in the park has its own story that will completely let you in awe. Try fly like a bat at Bat Glider, paragliding around Indonesia through the first flying theatre Flying Over Indonesia, entering the zombie world at The Walking Dead, escape from the prison at Road Rage, be a real racer at Formula Kart and many more!

  1. Enjoy Spectacular Shows

It doesn't end yet, you can also enjoy spectacular shows with the best view comfortably. The shows have different concepts and are spread across 3 zones. The amazing theatrical performance and magician Simsalsabim Show at Camera Zone, Balinese theatrical Gayatri Show at Culture Zone, and a live action show with fire and explosions Temple Raider Show at Adventure Zone. Closing the fun at the park, make sure that you don’t miss the Dream Festival Parade start at Camera Zone, Culture Zone and Adventure Zone.

Don't let the rain stop you from having a wonderful and exciting holiday! Book your ticket now to experience an adventure that you can't find anywhere else!