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It’s a Love Month! Here's 7 Couple Activities at Trans Studio Bali!

It’s a Love Month! Here's 7 Couple Activities at Trans Studio Bali!

February is the best time to bring out the best of you and your other half by doing bunch of activities.

Dare to try a different sensation of intimacy with your partner? Indoor theme park Trans Studio Bali surely be a perfect place to go as it can be a fun romantic getaway, offering exclusive world-class rides, shows, attractions and more!

Here is 7 mandatory couple activities to express your love to your partner at Trans Studio Bali theme park:

  1. Live the Role “Rose and Jack” on the gigantic Titanic

Pose like Jack and Rose at Titanic

Who doesn’t know The Titanic? This legendary movie is famous for the true love story of Jack and Rose who met on the giant ship Titanic. Now in Bali, those real gigantic ship can be witnessed exclusive at Trans Studio Bali theme park! Immerse yourself on board as if you and your partner are the Jack and Rose, by capturing moments in every corner of the ship.

  1. Intimate Moment on the Ferris Wheels

Young love is the sweetest feeling ever! Create sweet memories with your partner by get on Ferris Wheel spun by a giant ring master. While enjoying the view of the amusement park from above, make the best quality time for the two of you.

  1. Mesmerizing Bali through Swing Experience

Bali Swing (Bali Senses)

Do you know the famous swing in Ubud? You won't miss the experience of seeing those beauty of nature on virtual Bali Swing at Trans Studio Bali theme park. Located at Bali Senses Area, feel the breeze of the Ubud scenery and Nusa Penida ocean cliff as you and your partner swing and get drawn in the digital sensations.

  1. Together Wading through the Rapid River

Take your partner to experience some splashes and drifts through the rapid river adventure at Forbidden Temple. This could be a good option to enjoy the moment while watching the sunset as the river leads outside!

  1. Virtual Paragliding around Indonesia

Flying Over Indonesia

Have you ever promised your partner to travel together around Indonesia? Now you can make it happen at Flying Over Indonesia! This first flying theater in Indonesia will take you and your partner flying on a virtual paraglider, witness the beauty of Mount Bromo, Raja Ampat, Lake Kalimutu and many more above the clouds!

  1. Adrenaline Love on Boomerang Coaster Challenge

Adrenaline Love on Boomerang Coaster

Riding extreme rides have special spot in mind, especially for couples who love adrenaline rush. Through Boomerang Coaster, this roller coaster located on top of building surely the best part of your date agenda. Along with your partner, try saying that you love her as loud as you can and make sure you hold her hand tightly!

  1. Enjoying Balinese Theatrical Performance “Gayatri”

Not only rides and attractions, Trans Studio Bali also presents a spectacular Balinese performance entitled Gayatri. This theatrical musical performance tells the love story of a girl named Gayatri. Along with his pet named Satyajati, they explored the world together until Satyajati turned out to be a knight who was tested by the Gods. Gayatri and Satyajati then fall in love with each other and live in everlasting happiness. This heartwarming love story is presented daily at 1pm on the Amphitheater Stage.

Now express your love by get couple best deals package with 2 VIP access for only IDR 1,275,000 on website! Celebrate every moment you have with your loved one at Trans Studio Bali Theme Park!