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The Ultimate Guide on What To Do in Bali

The Ultimate Guide on What To Do in Bali

Bali surely lives up as one of the world’s great destination for hideaway. Plenty activities can be done in every corner of the island, make every moment less boring but productive instead.

For a first timer, sometimes it's confusing of what to do or visit while spending holiday in Bali. Hence, here is the ultimate guide of what to do in Bali, that must be experienced once in a lifetime:

  1. Catch The Wave

This paradise’s island famous for its wide coastline, soft sand and perfect waves that are perfect for surfing. Taking a walk around the beach to just get some fresh air, enchanting the sunset’s view or surfing well worth the time. Most of the beach in Bali have world-class breaks for surfers, especially around the Southern Bukit Peninsula and Kuta. If you are beginner or don't have a surfboard ready, there are dozen of board-rental with the tutors lined up along the sand. Where else to catch such a perfect waves?

  1. Visit a Sea Temple

Not only Besakih mother temple, there are sea temples that catch most of traveler’s point of view. The first one is Uluwatu Temple, which give truly breathtaking clifftop location above the wave-smashed reefs. The spotlight of this temple is its Kecak performance with the background beautiful sunset view from above the cliff. The second one is Tanah Lot temple, that famous for its offshore setting where the temple located in the middle of the sea. The silhouette of the temple during sunset make it as one of the most popular iconic features of Bali.

  1. Practice Yoga and Meditation

Starting a day with yoga class is a great way to get into the relaxed and healthy vibes. Despite its small size of villages, Ubud have dozens of yoga class that can be choose. Around Ubud you can find yoga that suits your styles along with affordable price, even some of luxury hotel have complimentary inclusion. The Yoga Barn is by far the biggest and most popular yoga studio in Ubud. The benefits that can be obtained from yoga are a healthy mind, balance the body and increase focus ability.

  1. Visit Trans Studio Bali

Not only can explore the nature, Bali is also a home for world-class indoor theme park, known as Trans Studio Bali. This indoor theme park provide bunch of activities and breathtaking Bali or even Indonesia scenery through its advanced technology. One out 16 world-class rides that a must thing to do is Flying Over Indonesia. Flying Over Indonesia famous for its biggest flying theatre that take traveler “paraglide” around Indonesia. The beauty of Bali's tourist attractions combined with interactive digital in Bali Senses is also mandatory while visiting the park. Bali Senses allowing you to try the famous Bali Swing, stunned the sacred waterfalls, to walk on river water. This will certainly the best experience that can be told later to your homies.

Trans Studio Bali is certainly the best choice for those of you who don't have much time to travel to Bali.

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