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Choose Best Deal Packages For Your Bucketlist Needs!

Choose Best Deal Packages For Your Bucketlist Needs!

Still wondering which package you should choose for a full day of fun? Trans Studio Bali theme park provides plenty of package based on your bucketlist needs, check this out!

  1. VIP Family Package

As the perfect intimate package for your partner or loved one, the VIP Family Package is probably the best deal you can choose. This package provides 2 Regular Tickets + 2 VIP Access which includes all rides (except iFly). You will get 25% disc from a normal price on website!

  1. iFly Family Package

For a complete family of four who wants the experience of playing all rides include 2 pax iFly - the ultimate indoor skydiving, this is the best package for you! iFly Family Package offers 4 Regular Ticket + 2 iFly, makes you and family can spend a busy but exciting holiday. With this package, you will get 26% disc from a normal price on website!

  1. VIP Happy Family Package

More great deals for more people to use VIP access? VIP Happy Family Package is the best deals! The package offering 4 Regular Ticket (adults) + 4 VIP Access provides many benefits for each persons. With this, you can get 30% disc from a normal price!

  1. iFly Double Duo Package

Experience the ultimate indoor iFly skydiving as well as 16 other world-class rides that will be perfect for any couple's date list with iFly Double Duo. Get the best price for 2 Regular Ticket + 2 iFly for a couple or duo partners by book on website!

  1. Flying Experience Package

A short fun day for you who want to experience the flying rides at Trans Studio Bali theme park! The two rides - which is Flying Over Indonesia (the biggest flying theatre to “paraglide” around Indonesia) and iFly (the ultimate indoor skydiving) - can now be enjoyed through the “Flying Experience” package. This best offer can be booked on the Flying Over Indonesia website:

Have you decided which package to choose? This is the time to book on website with only one click!