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Master The Windtunnel: 5 Essential Beginner Tips for iFly Indoor Skydiving

Master The Windtunnel: 5 Essential Beginner Tips for iFly Indoor Skydiving

Do you ever wondered how professional flyers look so enjoy and comfortable flying in the tunnel? The key to it all is figuring out how to control your body.

To learn better, you can try these 5 essential tips for beginner on how to fly at iFly Bali. With this, you might find out that flying in the tunnel is not as hard as it seems!

Follow the Instructions

On iFly Bali, you will be accompanied by professional instructors. The instructors will be guiding you with a short and easy-to-understand training before flying in the tunnel. The basic training such as procedures of flying equipment, hand signs, to flying regulations will be explained neatly. If you follow the instructions well, it might lead to a good result!

Practice Makes Perfect

After you got the instructions, you must have been imagining on how it would be in the tunnel. Hence, you should practice how to balance your body by pushing your hips forward. Practice it like simply lie on the floor and push your hips forward, lifting your head and legs.

Also, the wind inside the tunnel are blowing at over 100 miles per hour, making it nearly impossible for flyers to hear the sound. That’s why it is a must to memorize the hand signs explained by the instructors.

Relax Your Mind and Body 

This is probably the most important tips that can help you a lot! Your first few minutes in the wind tunnel may be surprising because the feeling of pressure that the wind puts on your body. If so, try to relax your mind and body as much as possible. Don’t forget to breath, get used to the body position and see the instructor’s hand signs.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The standard equipments are provided at indoor skydiving such as standard suits, helmet and goggles including earplugs. Still, it is recommended to wear comfortable and collarless clothes. Also wear lace-up sneakers that fit properly. Don’t wear accessories to prevent it from falling. For those who have long hair, it is advisable to tie your hair.

Keep Smile and Have Fun!

Remember, the reason why you flying inside the wind tunnel is to experience fun. While doing it, keep your smile high up and make it the most memorable moments of your life!

Are you ready to learn the indoor skydiving experience? Book yours now and embark on an unforgettable indoor skydiving journey at iFly Bali!