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Discover the Mesmerizing Beauty of Archipelago with Flying Over Indonesia!

Discover the Mesmerizing Beauty of Archipelago with Flying Over Indonesia!

For you the adventurous souls, this wonderful ride surely will make your tension up. Are you ready to fly with Flying Over Indonesia?

Flying Over Indonesia is the first ever flight motion-simulator attraction in Indonesia. With 84 moving seat capacity available, treasure the landmarks, cultures, and breathtaking scenery high up above the clouds.

Your eyes will be spoiled with the beauty of archipelago through 180 dome screens. Not just up in the skies, the diving experience to enjoy the beauty of underwater biota will make your day complete. Be ready as the real wind and water splashing effects to enhance your flying experience even more!

The virtual ride will takes you to fly across cultural destinations around more than 17.000 islands. You will be able to explore Raja Ampat, Gunung Bromo, Candi Borobudur and many more from above the paragliding. We convince, natures in Indonesia are irreplaceable!

Talk about the cultures, Indonesia are surely ranks first in ethnic and cultural diversity. More impressive, all of those hidden beauty can you see on Flying Over Indonesia. Curious enough?

Here’s How to Get the Ride!

Flying Over Indonesia already included on regular admission ticket. The ticket price is IDR 500,000 for adult, and IDR 350,000 for child age 0-7 years old. As for Indonesian ID or KITAS holder, the ticket price is IDR 275,000/adult and IDR 150,000/child 1-7 years old. More special, for you who have Bali ID (KTP Bali), you will get only IDR 150,000 per adult or child! You are one step closer to come to real imagination, book the ticket online right on this website!

Trans Studio Bali have 5 zones you can explore, which is Port of Liverpool, Camera Zone, Culture Zone, Adventure Zone and Action Zone. Meanwhile, Flying Over Indonesia is part of the Culture Zone, in front of the Amphiteatre. Check the guide map carefully to be able to enter the ride!

As you can travel around Indonesia in an extraordinary way, Flying Over Indonesia is the perfect choice for spending your day at Trans Studio Bali!