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Adventure Zone, The Endless Adventure

Adventure Zone, The Endless Adventure

Visiting Trans Studio Bali is certainly not enough without enjoying all exciting zone, one of them is Adventure Zone. Adventure Zone is the most exciting zone, especially for those who like to enjoy thrilling yet fun attractions.

The first attraction highly recommended to enjoy is AMC Fear The Walking Dead. Supposed to ride in a team, you will be challenged to survive from Zombie’s attack. During the session, your team will be equipped with guns, 3D Glasses, etc. Get ready to attack or you will be eaten alive!

Need more thrilling experiences? Try Werewolf Hunt! You will be equipped with a laser weapon right after you enter the attraction. Hunt the werewolves and save the entire world! Enjoy the real experience of hunting with the live-action werewolves that surely will thrill you out!

Besides AMC Fear The Walking Dead and Werewolf Hunt, you should not miss Road Rage Wasteland Escape. Experience the thrill of exploring the post-apocalypse! Equipped with futuristic rides and 3D glasses.

Other attractions you must enjoy are Bat Glider, Temple Run Stunt Show, and The Forbidden Temple Adventure. Bat Glider is one of the attractions that will give you the real experience of flying around Trans Studio Bali and seeing the view from above.

Temple Run Stunt Show is a fire performance and fireworks. This show will capture the beautiful Himalaya Mountains as the background. Meanwhile, Forbidden Temple Adventure is an attraction that will take you to sail along Himalaya River. Enjoy a lot of excitement by completing a secret mission to find a forbidden temple.