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IAAPA APAC Spring Summit 2024 Participants Gain Memorable Experience at Flying Over Indonesia

IAAPA APAC Spring Summit 2024 Participants Gain Memorable Experience at Flying Over Indonesia

IAAPA APAC Spring Summit participants had the opportunity to visit the Trans Studio Bali theme park on the last day of event (08/03).

They were invited to experience the exclusive ride Flying Over Indonesia during their visit. As the only flying theater in Indonesia and the largest in Southeast Asia, this is the first time they have experienced virtual paragliding exploring the Indonesian archipelago. During the flight, they surely were amazed by the natural beauty and heritage culture in Indonesia. Lots of places were explored during the journey, like Lake of Kalimutu, Mount Bromo, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat and many more.

Not only Flying Over Indonesia, they also had the opportunity to try Boomerang Coaster - the roller coaster located on top of a building that moves forward and backward with fantastic speed. Also, they were taken to get acquainted with Balinese nature and culture in an interactive digital way when passing through the Bali Senses. After strolling around the park, participants were given souvenirs as a memento of their fun playing at Trans Studio Bali, which also marked the end of the IAAPA APAC Spring Summit in Bali.

Juanito Alfa as Head of Marketing at Trans Studio Bali theme park said that his party was very proud to be able to introduce Indonesia through Flying Over Indonesia. "This is certainly a golden opportunity for us as one of the largest recreation and tourism industry in Bali to introduce the wonderful Indonesia at Trans Studio Bali theme park and Flying Over Indonesia, and we hope it could be a memorable experiences for them" said Juanito.

Through this opportunity, Trans Studio Bali Theme Park are committed to ensuring that the attractions industry in Indonesia - in this case Bali - is not inferior to other attractions industries out there in the world.

We will always present world-class rides and spectacular shows that can make your day enjoyable!