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Get to Know Nyepi and What To Do During Silence Day

Get to Know Nyepi and What To Do During Silence Day

Are you going on holiday to Bali this March? You must know what is Nyepi which fall on March 11, 2024.

The word "Nyepi" itself means "to keep silent" in the Indonesian language, so Nyepi means the Day of Silence. The entire island comes to a standstill, with businesses closed, lights turned off, and minimal noise. Travel is restricted, and even the airport in Bali remains closed for the day!

If you wondering what it is like during Nyepi, you can experience it yourself as a unique and unforgettable memories. This is what you can do on before, during and after Nyepi:

Before the day: Witness Ogoh-Ogoh Parade

On eve of Nyepi, there will be "Pengerupukan" day, that involves vibrant processions and the famous Ogoh-Ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogoh is a large and elaborate demonic statues which symbolize the evil spirits, and usually crafted by local communities.

Every village has their own parade, starting at around sunset time, so be sure to check out your local parade. Otherwise, if you want to see the biggest and most staggering displays, then check out the Ogoh-Ogoh parades in Jimbaran (nearby the main McDonalds intersection), Seseh (at the intersection of Jl Raya Tanah Lot) or in Denpasar on Imam Bonjol.

During the day: Serene Escape with Two-Night Nyepi Stay Package

Since no one can go outside on Nyepi day, most resorts will offer special two-night Nyepi Stay Packages to keep you occupied indoors. It is highly recommended to look for a serene escape, like Ubud or Tabanan. Most resorts will offer discounted rates, complimentary meals, full access to the hotel’s facilities and sometimes vouchers for spa treatments. Even the kiddos will be taken care of with games, activities and movie marathons.

After the Day: Experience the World-Class Indoor Theme Park

The day after Nyepi is known as “Ngembak Geni”. This day marks the end of the Nyepi observances, and a time for social gatherings and various activities that were restricted during Nyepi. During this day, you can go outside to enjoy plenty activities in Bali.

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That’s the 3 days holiday package of what you can do during the Nyepi period! Let’s make your Nyepi day in Bali worthy with Trans Studio Bali theme park. Book yours on website: