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Flying Over Indonesia, Soar Over Wonderful Indonesia with Flying Theatre Experience!

Flying Over Indonesia, Soar Over Wonderful Indonesia with Flying Theatre Experience!

There are many ways to explore Indonesia, from embark its natural beauty, cultural charm, to the richness of flora and fauna. It seem that it would take a lot of time to explore all the journey.

But, what if you could see everything just by sitting still on your flying seat? Now, the first flying theater to travel around the archipelago can be experienced in Bali! The exclusive flying theater “Flying Over Indonesia” at Trans Studio Bali theme park is known as the first in Indonesia and also the largest in Southeast Asia.

Through the virtual "paragliding", you will enjoy the real scenery in high-quality 8K resolution with 180 dome screen and will leave you in deep impression. Flying Over Indonesia will take you fly crossing cultural destinations around more than 17.500 islands from Raja Ampat, Gunung Bromo, Candi Borobudur, Lake of Kalimutu, Tanah Lot and many more.

Not only above the land, you also can witness the unbeatable beauty of the underwater world, swim with dolphins and enter the Indonesian rainforest. Be ready as the real wind and water splashing effects while the group of dolphins will escort you along the sea.

As an educational purpose, this ride is kids-friendly and surely be a good experience for children (with a minimum height of 90 cm). The flying seats are equipped with safety belts and big pockets for placing items, so it is very safe and have CHSE standards.

How to Get the Ride?

First of all, Flying Over Indonesia should be on your bucket list to embark the wonderful Indonesia without take much time. Imagine that it would take 47 years to explore Indonesia if you were to visit one island per day? (Don't let your ages get older while doing so!)

Located inside Trans Studio Bali theme park, now you can book one way ticket of Flying Over Indonesia only for IDR 180.000 per person.

Book yours now by visit our website and let’s soar over wonderful Indonesia with Flying Over Indonesia!