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Trans Studio Bali Support 3K Foundation to Help Underprivileged Children Become Positive Members of Society

Trans Studio Bali Support 3K Foundation to Help Underprivileged Children Become Positive Members of Society

When talking about making everyone happy, play and visit Trans Studio Bali theme park is the correct answer. Like on last Saturday (03/02), we warmly welcomed the arrival of a football club children from the 3K Foundation known as Garuda Lion FC.

The 3K Foundation - Yayasan Kesetaraan Kemitraan Kualitas - is an institution that develops natural, human and environment into something valuable for the sustainability of life in the future. The foundation started from the never-ending problem of waste management where then the founder, Frank Amadio and his wife, invited the surrounding people to create a productive waste bank program. From there, he was moved to start yoga, fitness classes, English lesson and even open a football club Garuda Lion FC, which free for all underprivileged children throughout Indonesia.

"We can't change political policies, but what we can do is give them a place where they can come and feel part of society, and they can forget about their problems," said Frank through one of the interview by local media.

This time, the foundation brought Garuda Lion FC to take part in a tournament and trip in Bali. Before the tournament, Trans Studio Bali prepared a full day activity for the children to experience the rides, as a form of support for their enthusiasm reaching their dreams. Mrs Aprilianty, the COO of 3K Foundation said that they were so happy to experience world-class rides and spectacular shows in Trans Studio Bali, since this was their first time ever.

“Experience rides at Trans Studio Bali could be said to be their healing state before facing opponents in the BARATI Cup tournament. And children are very happy to be invited to play on the Trans Studio Bali theme park” she added.

While at the park, they were experience various rides, from exploring Indonesia through the flying theatre Flying Over Indonesia, be a real racer at Formula Kart, feel like a ninja at Ninja Course and many more. Some of them also kept saying over and over again that they were very enthusiastic about trying the Boomerang Coaster, which was definitely exciting because it was located on top of the building. Such a persistent and brave children!

We wish that all these talented children can achieve their dreams of becoming confident individuals capable of succeeding on a global scale. Trans Studio Bali theme park will fully support the 3K Foundation’s goal of helping underprivileged children become positive members of Society.

You can also be part of the supporters by visit their website: For more information about Trans Studio Bali Theme Park, visit our website: