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Planning a Trip to Bali? Here are 5 Essential Tips you Should Know!

Planning a Trip to Bali? Here are 5 Essential Tips you Should Know!

Do you have plans to go to Bali this year? Bali famous for its natural beauty, rich culture, many attractions and destinations around the island. Have sobriquets of praise like "The Last Paradise", make this dream island is definitely a must-visit for travelers.

Well, before you step into paradise, here are 5 essentials tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pack Light, Wear Light!

Bali well known for it’s hot and tropical temperature, so there’s a huge chance you’ll break into a sweat during your trip. Hence, wear loose and thin clothes is good to avoid excessive heat and dehydration. For luggage, pack a simple and light items so you don't have to feel inconvenience.

  1. Plan the Itinerary

Before you go, it would be better if you plan where you will go while you are in Bali. Make second plan is a must so you won't be baffled if your main plan don’t goes well. You can make a structured schedule by adjusting to the nearest location. For example, the first day you can embark the cultural places and culinary delights around you. On the next day, pack your schedule with full day activities. This will make your time more effective and your energy doesn't run out.

  1. Weather Check

The tropical climate makes Bali has two season; rainy season and summer season. Essentially, the best time to visit Bali is during the summer season (April to October). Sometimes the weather in Bali can be unpredictable. However, there’s no need to worry, as Bali has many indoor attractions that you can visit during the changing weather, like Trans Studio Bali theme park.

  1. Culture is on Every Corner

There are tons of ways to immerse in the local culture. You can visit a temple, local palace, or exhibitions to know more about Balinese culture. Not only the conventional way, there are many tourist attractions in Bali that introduce Balinese culture in a modern and digital way.

  1. Experience Plenty Attractions

When you are in Bali, don't just stare at a place and stay still. Try full package activities that will get your adrenaline pumping, like rafting, karting, or paragliding. Trust me, this will be an unforgettable experience ever in your life!

One place that could be a mandatory destination is Trans Studio Bali! The indoor theme park have everything especially if you don't have much time to travel around Bali. The park have 16 world-class rides and attraction to pump your adrenaline rush. The rides such as racing on Formula Kart, virtual paragliding around Indonesia through Flying Over Indonesia, the ultimate indoor skydive on iFly Bali, to roller coaster on the top of building! If you want to learn the Balinese culture and natures, Bali Senses is perfect area to stroll around. So on, the Gayatri Shows also a Balinese theatrical performance that can’t be missed.

Now it’s your time to experience unforgettable moments with us! Book your ticket on the website:!