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3 Best Attraction with No Minimum Height at Trans Studio Bali

3 Best Attraction with No Minimum Height at Trans Studio Bali

As the best indoor theme park in Bali, you might know that Trans Studio Bali have so many thrilling rides, such as Boomerang Coaster, Formula Kart and iFly. Thus, some rides required minimum height regulations to ensure the safety.

“Then, can't kids and babies experience the rides and attractions?” - Well, you don’t need to be worry! It’s because the theme park also have attractions that are perfect and safe, even for the babies with no minimum height! Below we have summarized the 3 best attractions without minimum height which can automatically be enjoyed by kids and babies:

  1. Puppet Master

At the Camera Zone, let the kids experience the safest ride operated by the giant ring master. Kids will have unimaginable sensation while seeing the park from above. It will definitely add a lot of fun to you and your little one!

  1. Kids Playground

Unleash kids’ imagination in the ball-drenched pool area while exploring the playground and discover the wonders of coral reef. This is surely a wonderful experience for kids, stimulate motor development while meeting their peers!

  1. Frank House

Explore the cleverest trick from Mr Frank at his own house, enable kids to learn sympathy about their surrounding. Not only that, you also will be entertained by the surprisingly fun house that will trick your mind!

This is one of many reason why Trans Studio Bali is perfect for everyone! Don't forget that all the attractions mentioned still require adult supervision. Book your ticket now and get special deals on website!