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New Year Holiday Special Show “Candyland, Christmas for Ollie!”

New Year Holiday Special Show “Candyland, Christmas for Ollie!”

Holiday season is coming! Let’s welcome this Christmas season and New Year 2024 with special show at Trans Studio Bali theme park.

During holiday season on December 22nd 2023 until January 7th 2024, everyone can not only experience 16 world-class rides, but also enjoy special show. What will the show be like?

The Storyline

The Christmas-themed musical show entitled "Candyland, Christmas for Ollie!" has a touching storyline. Set in Candyland, the main character named Ollie the candy who has no flavor, goes looking for flavor for himself. However, the trip was useless until Ollie gave up her identity as candy.

Along with her best friend, Gingerbread, Ollie who doesn't believe in Santa Claus then looks for a flavor at Cinnamon Castle. Unfortunately, all the flavors fell off and broke so Ollie couldn't use them. Gingerbread, who felt guilty, then gave Ollie a taste, even though in exchange he had to lose his life.

This was the peak of sadness, until then Santa Claus appeared and revived Gingerbread, with the help of the audience who watched the show. You can't possibly miss this amazing story at the theme park!

Show Schedule

“Candyland: Christmas for Ollie” premiere only during the holiday season, December 22nd 2023 until January 7th 2024. Already included in the ticket, you can enjoy the show everyday start at 3 pm. This show presented on the amphitheater stage, at the Culture Zone.

Are you ready to join the adventure of Ollie to find her dream christmas? Book your ticket now on the website!