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Sneak Peek The Excitement of Trans Studio Bali 1st Anniversary Celebration!

Sneak Peek The Excitement of Trans Studio Bali 1st Anniversary Celebration!

On December 23rd 2023, Trans Studio Bali was successfully held the 1st anniversary celebration with great fanfare.

Start from the pastel decoration, welcoming DJ, photo booth 360, special band performance, lots of door prize and of course, a cake celebration!

Are you one of the 111 lucky people who got free merchandise? Or did you got a prize during lucky draw tickets like smart watch, blender, gold or even a smart TV? Or maybe you got one of many attractive products and vouchers during the balloon drop session? Well, it was because we have too much happiness to share with all of you!

At the admission, everyone were greeted by our spectacular DJ to get in the mood to party before you enjoy the events and rides. Then, once entered the Camera Zone, everyone can express the whole body through full sides photo experience photo booth 360. Before the party began at the Amphitheatre Culture Zone, it’s a must to experience some of the world-class rides Flying Over Indonesia and watch Gayatri Show as a regular show.

The highlight of the event started at 2 pm, with people waiting joyfully. It’s the moment where General Manager Trans Studio Bali, I Nyoman Sutarjana, blowing out the candles and cutting the cake. Along with it, we shared cupcakes for everyone present at the Trans Studio Bali Amphitheater stage.

We also invited orphan foundations in the Denpasar area and surrounding to play freely at the park, as well as celebrated our anniversary. As the cake celebration begins, we pray together for everyone's blessings for Trans Studio Bali, so that we can always provide the best facilities and services for everyone.

We are so grateful for all the support and trust given to us over the past year. We hope everyone always smile happily when visiting and having fun at Trans Studio Bali theme park!