Trans Studio Bali - Experience the First Indoor Theme Park in Bali Indonesia


What do you want to know

What things are forbidden to bring to Trans Studio Bali?

Pets, sharp objects and firearms are not allowed to bring inside the area. We provide affordable rental lockers for daily to store prohibited items (except pets) until the finished times.

Can I bring food and drinks from outside to Trans Studio Bali?

Food and drinks from outside Trans Studio Bali are not allowed. Instead, we provides food and beverages stand inside the area for your convenience.

Is there a height requirement to play the rides?

Yes, there is a minimum height required for each ride and also a maximum height required for some rides.

What time does Trans Studio Bali open?

Trans Studio Bali operational hours:

- Monday to Friday: 11.00 - 18.00 WITA

- Saturday to Sunday:  11.00 - 19.00 WITA

What is the minimum age for children to be able to enter and play the rides alone without being accompanied at Trans Studio Bali?

Children over 13 years old are allowed to play alone without a companion. However, please notice the height requirements and guidelines applied on each rides. Adult over 18 years old are allowed to accompany children. Please be noted that visitors who will enter without adults are required to show an ID / KTP / KIA card to our staff at the entrance gate.

Do children with special needs get extra services in the area?

Our staff will be very happy to help children with special needs, with the hope they can play the rides, attractions or shows safely.

Is there a difference in ticket prices for children and adults?

Yes, ticket prices are divided into Child prices (aged 1-7 years) and Adult prices (>7 years)

Is it mandatory to have Peduli Lindungi to enter Trans Studio Bali?

Due to the implementation of the new normal, there is no need to scan the QR code of Peduli Lindungi. However, visitors are required to be in healthy and fit condition to enter the park.

Is there a special package for school trips, corporate events and other group events?

Yes, special packages are available according to requirements. Please send your contact details and we will be in touch with you to discuss the further planning for the events through email: [email protected]

Is it possible to hold a birthday party at Trans Studio Bali?

Yes, it would be a great moment for us to host your loved one’s birthday party. Please send your contact details and our staff will contact you to ask what you needs through email : [email protected]

I visited Trans Studio Bali, and it seems that I had lost my personal belongings. What should I do to get it back?

The Trans Studio Bali team will always look for lost items at the theme park. If you lose your precious item, please contact the Guest Services Department staff with details of the lost item, by send an email to: [email protected]

Is there a nursery room?

Yes, there is a nursery room inside the area.