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Flying Over Indonesia, the Biggest Flying Theater in Asia!

Flying Over Indonesia, the Biggest Flying Theater in Asia!

Indonesia is on first rank for its thousand islands and ethnic diversity, spreads from Sabang to Merauke. With Flying Over Indonesia, all those amazing beauty of the archipelago could be done with just one ride!

1. “Paragliding” in The Most Exciting Way

Flying Over Indonesia is the first flying theater in Indonesia and the biggest in Asia! This flying theater equipped with a sophisticated flight motion simulator. It moves as if riding a paragliding but virtually. With 84 moving seat capacity, enjoy the real scenery in high-quality 8K resolution with 180 dome screen as your fly in your seat.

Flying Over Indonesia will take you fly acrossing cultural destinations around more than 17.000 islands from Raja Ampat, Gunung Bromo, Candi Borobudur, Garuda Wisnu Kencana and many more. Can be visited at one time, make it a new way to treasure the landmarks, cultures, and breathtaking scenery of Indonesia high up above the clouds. Not just up in the skies, the diving experience to enjoy the beauty of underwater biota might also be a surprising experience. Be ready as the real wind and water splashing effects while the group of dolphins will escort you along the sea.

2. Kids and Oldster Friendly

The safety standard seats - with seat belt provided - make this ride safe for both kids and oldster. Minimum height for kids is 90 cm, and maximum weight for person is 136 kg. It may be a bit thrilling as the seat moves up and down, so good condition is advised and please make sure to not have a history of certain diseases.

Flying Over Indonesia take place inside Trans Studio Bali, an indoor theme park in Bali with thematic concept.

As you can enjoy holiday in the theme park, Flying Over Indonesia might be a whole new experience that can’t be found anywhere! Book your ticket now!